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Superior Medical Coding

Finally, a technology that solves the practical problems of coding medical records.


By law, medical coders must be used to confirm the presence of ICDs in medical records. But with Cavo Health, medical coders can coder faster and more accurately, with the result being that more HCCs are confirmed in medical records, inaccurate coding is corrected, and more charts are reviewed in every hour of work.

Details and Benefits

The Cavo Health HCC coding process begins by ingesting and analyzing billing records using proprietary methods to identify the charts with the most promise for improving financial performance through Risk Adjustment. (Cavo Health will work with CLIENTS to develop a targeting strategy prior to the creation of a suspect list.)
Cavo Health will connect with EMR and document management systems, and automatically retrieve documents for processing. Or the medical records can be loaded on a case by case basis, either from a laptop or other directory source.
Once the charts are available to Cavo Health, the application processes them. Cavo Health has an unusually robust set of processing tools and settings. It ingests over 400 different document formats, and OCRs image documents on the fly, including hybrid documents containing both text and images. It provides detailed exception reports and allows users to promote non-fatal exception documents into the case for review. Others can be exported and reprocessed.
After processing, Cavo Health auto-codes the charts with its Precise Matching engine. Cavo Health displays the results in a Medical Coding Viewer showing all the matches and other information that Risk Adjustment certified coders need to verify HCCs in the medical records in a First Pass Review. These results then go through a quality assurance process that is conducted by Cavo Health’s independent QA team.
A similar process is followed during a Second Pass Review of coded charts to find previously unidentified HCCs.