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Use End-to-End or with Hosted Review

The full integrated platform has many user advantages, but if you are just looking for improved data processing/ECA tools, Cavo Health can export to the review platform of your choice.


An intuitive Ribbon Bar navigates a single user interface from Pre-Processing all the way through Production. The Ribbon Bar makes it easy and fast for users to jump from workflow to workflow, and from feature to feature, in whatever order they choose. The software allows multi-dimensional and non-linear action to adjust to the typical changes in litigation.

Details and Benefits

Cavo offers users many advantages being a single unified platform that contains all the software needed for a successful eDiscovery project. Coupled with simple all in one pricing and the ability to manage a all facets of a project without having to move data between different software packages, there are numerous reasons to deploy Cavo eD to replace all your legacy software solutions. Our Processing Plus + capabilities and current processing speed are reason enough for user to consider using Cavo Health. We understand that you have a large capital investment in your legacy systems and changing will require us to show you a positive ROI for your investment in an updated technology. In order to make that decision easier, Cavo Health is offering our Preprocessing Explosion, ECA and Data Processing tools separately to help improve your processing and culling capabilities. We can export your data at any point in the process so it can be placed into the review platform of your choice. You get the best of all worlds; powerful and fast processing and the review tool of your choice.