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Risk Adjustment compliance problems begin when either the submitted HCC code is not fully documented and supported in the medical record or is not the most specific code for the documentation.

Cavo Health’s Precise Word Matching AI solves both compliance problems before they happen. Cavo Health finds only documented codes and shows coders the relevant supporting information so coders can quickly make accurate decisions on whether to confirm the code. This level of detailed information helps ensure that your HCC submissions will stand up to the government’s RADV audits.

Cavo Health always finds the most specific code for the documentation. That’s because its unique Precise Word Matching AI engine always matches the words in the medical record that map to the most specific code.

Cavo Health Is the Tool of Choice for Compliance Projects.

But what if you are not sure that your past HCC submissions are in compliance? Is it possible that you submitted some HCCs based on provider coding which might have some errors? These and other concerns can be a source of compliance problems with the government.

Cavo Health can quickly and accurately address compliance questions like these. Cavo Health can quickly and accurately auto-code thousands of charts and compare the results of its Precise Word Matching AI engine against the codes submitted to the government. Cavo Health will generate a report that tells exactly what codes were not found in the medical record by its NLP engine. You can then use Cavo Health to review only those codes that were submitted but that Cavo Health did not find.

That’s just one of many compliance projects Cavo Health is ideally suited for. Our customers use Cavo Health for a wide variety of compliance initiatives. Just think what you can do with the power of Cavo Health’s Precise Word Matching AI engine. Let your imagination run and then give us a call.

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98.2% Accuracy in Our Latest Scientific Test!

See How a National Health Plan Achieved 98.2% Coding Accuracy When Using Cavo Health with Precise Word Matching AI™

#1: Cavo Health delivers higher HCC coding accuracy

Internal studies show that Precise Word Matching AI consistently helps coders confirm over 96% of the documented HCCs. This means improved financial performance while lowering RADV Audit and other compliance risks.

#2: Cavo Health finds all documented codes in every chart.

Because Cavo Health finds all documented codes, you can code for any government program, including every state Medicaid program, just by choosing the proper mapping. In addition, you can filter all the documented codes on the fly. For instance you can switch between coding for all documented diagnoses, only new codes found by Cavo Health, or only those codes matching claims diagnoses.

#3: Cavo Health highlights only documented codes.

Precise Word Matching AI™ highlights only documented diagnoses and always gives coders the correct and most specific code to confirm. Machine learning solutions suggest possible codes.

#4: Cavo Health highlights much fewer False Positives

Because Precise Word Matching AI can be precisely tuned for negating terms in medical records, Cavo Health filters out a much higher percentage of False Positives than machine learning solutions -- and does so without creating False Negatives.

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Here are just some of the many benefits that Cavo Health can bring to your risk adjustment coding efforts.

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