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Cavo Health’s Precise Word Matching AI™ accurately codes medical records before payment integrity auditors even begin reviewing charts. For government organizations and their contractors charged with payment integrity, Cavo Health provides new methods for reducing overpayments of health care claims. Cavo Health helps auditors review charts faster while maintaining high accuracy. And Cavo Health Audit supports fully automated reviews of provider claims pre-payment and post-payment. These automated reviews accurately determine whether these claims are consistent with their supporting medical records.

Faster, more accurate coding with fewer coding mistakes.

Cavo Health’s technology deploys the only precise word matching engine in the market, instead of relying on the fuzzy word associations of machine learning. This technology finds the words that confirm the presence of a risk adjustable ICD in a medical record. Then, during first pass QC Review of Cavo Health’s results, coders highlight ALL the ICD matches in seconds, thereby finding more codes, increasing coding speed, and improving overall coding accuracy. With such high first pass review accuracy, the second pass review goes quickly with fewer charts needing QC review than before.

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98.2% Accuracy in Our Latest Scientific Test!

See How a National Health Plan Achieved 98.2% Coding Accuracy When Using Cavo Health with Precise Word Matching AI™

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