Faster, more accurate
risk adjustment coding.
Cavo Health's Precise Word Matching AI™ offers
health plans and other risk bearing entities
Ever Rising HCC Accuracy Cavo Health’s HCC accuracy, even before coders begin
their work, exceeds 96% -- and it will only get better as
more queries are added to its Precise Word
Matching AI™ engine.
SCHEDULE A LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY Cavo Health’s Precise Word Matching AI™ has
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SCHEDULE A LIVE DEMO The high accuracy of Precise Word Matching AI is why your

Simply put, Cavo Health finds the codes for 96%+ of the HCCs
before your coders even begin coding.

Health Plans

Health plans need an automated solution that helps their risk adjustment coders code faster and more accurately, while lowering compliance risk.

Medical Practice Groups

Today, more and more medical practice groups are taking on risk adjustment to provide their patients the highest quality of care.

Coding Vendors

Vendors need automation that increases the number of charts their coders code per hour while improving HCC accuracy at the same time.

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Setting the Standard for
Accurate Coding of Medical Charts


Watch this short video and see how Cavo Health's Risk Adjustment Solution increases speed and accuracy over machine-learned NLPs

Introducing Cavo's Precise Word Matching AI™

Cavo’s Precise Word Matching AI Engine creates a superior solution over manual coding as well as other NLP technologies.  Here are just some of the many benefits Cavo offers:

Delivers Higher HCC Accuracy

Higher HCC accuracy generates improved financial performance while lowering RADV Audit  and other compliance risks.

Highlights Only Documented Codes

Code faster while maintaining high accuracy. Highlighted codes are documented and labeled with the most specific code. 

Highlights Fewer False Positives

Code faster and make fewer coding mistakes while reviewing fewer False Positives.

Finds All Documented Codes in Every Chart

Code for any government program, including every state Medicaid program, just by choosing the proper mapping. Plus, audit claims on the fly.

Compare Cavo by the Numbers

To see that Cavo Health's Risk Adjustment Solutions are faster and more accurate, you need to look at the numbers. Compare Cavo to machine learning NLP solutions.

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