Cavo Coder

Faster, More Accurate, and More Completeness with Precise Word Matching AI and Full Workflow Customization.

Introducing Cavo Coder For Risk Adjustment

Cavo Coder is Cavo Health’s premier product supporting faster, more accurate, and more complete risk adjustment coding as well as coding non-risk adjustable ICDs, quality measures, and other clinical data.

A main problem that health plans have is that they are not finding all the HCCs they could. Cavo Coder solves that, especially when Cavo Coder is used in combination with the full suite of Cavo Health products.

Here are some highlights of Cavo Coder:

  • Find More HCCS on the First Pass.

  • Increase Coding Speed 2x to 4x with auto-detection
  • Reduce RADV Risk of unsupported claims while accurately capturing RAF Scores

  • No Machine Learning Means Fast Set-up, No Model Training, and No Model Drift.

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Here are some of the key differences of Cavo Coder versus other risk adjustment coding tools:

  • Precise Word Matching Technology and Automated Workflow

  • Auto-Coding of Charts for First Pass Review and Second Pass or Third Pass QC

  • 4M+ queries, progressive accuracy improvement

  • 96% HCC Accuracy First Pass Review with minimum 2X+ increase coding productivity

  • Codes to highest specificity, Combo codes and Primary/Secondary codes, HCC mappings for Medicare, Medicaid and ACA/Commercial

  • ICD-10 Guidance with additional coding instructions i.e. “Code first” and “Code also”. Cavo shows the “Includes” and “Excludes” notes found in the ICD 10 book

  • Improve Submitted Code Accuracy & Compliance, Reduce RADV risk

Cavo Coder provides Coders with the information to make correct coding decisions FAST. Here are some of the highlights of how Cavo Coder does that:

  • Image highlights Precise Matching of ICDs & HCCs

  • Always finds the most specific code for the documented disease

  • Ranks codes for the strength of the documentation supporting them

  • Display “Sections” ICD found — Assessment & Plan, Discharge, Hx of Present Illness, Health Maintenance

  • Shows Combination codes, Chronic and Acute codes, and Medicines supporting ICD
  • Finds the Electronic Signature for fast verification
  • HCC Mapping based on Dates of Service – updated for CMS’s changing lists of ICDs and shows the correct ICD for the DOS

  • Coding Rules Customized by Client

  • Searchable Image of EMR

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Cavo Coder Automates Coder Management and Reports. Here are several ways Cavo Coder automates Coder Management and provides the data you need to maximize the efficiency of your coding team:

  • Automated Workflow and Set-up

  • Dashboard reports by Review Set

  • Progress Reports – daily tracking of productivity & completion ETA

  • Automated QC workflow with sampling

  • RAPS, EDPS Reports

  • Real-time system integration to other databases via API, or to a web application via I Frame, as requested by client

  • 18 Standard Reports plus Custom Reporting

Cavo’s Platform


Faster, More Accurate Coding with Precise Word Matching AI and Full Workflow Customization


Direct Access to EMRs for Faster, Less Costly Chart Retrieval and Data Extraction, Prospective Programs and Workflow Automation


Standard and custom reports and automated extracts, inclusion and exclusion searches of structured and unstructured EMR data disease prediction ML


Onshore and Offshore Professional Coding Services