Cavo Coding Services

The Best Coders Using The Best NLP Coding Tool Delivers The Most Accurate And Complete Coding Of Medical Records

Introducing Cavo Coding Services

Often, coding managers need to supplement their coding teams with onshore and/or offshore coders. Cavo Health can help. We have premier coding teams available to meet your coding needs.

The difference between Cavo’s Coding Teams and other coding resources is that we are highly selective on whom we hire. Before we will consider adding a coder to our teams, coders need to be certified and have years of experience coding risk adjustment. If the coder has the proper credentials, they are interviewed. If they pass the interview, the coder must pass Cavo’s difficult coding test. Most coders who apply to be on our teams cannot pass the test. The select group of superstar coders who do pass must then go through extensive training using the Cavo Coder tool. These coders are rigorously evaluated for their proficiency in using all the capabilities that Cavo Coder offers for the most accurate and complete coding. Not all of them make it.

Just like in the military where only the “best of the best” can make it on special forces, the same is true for risk adjustment coders who want to be on the Cavo Coding Teams. It takes special coders. When you hire Cavo Coders, you know you are getting the best coding available because the best coders are using the best tool powered by the best NLP.

Cavo’s Platform


Faster, More Accurate Coding with Precise Word Matching AI and Full Workflow Customization


Direct Access to EMRs for Faster, Less Costly Chart Retrieval and Data Extraction, Prospective Programs and Workflow Automation


Standard and custom reports and automated extracts, inclusion and exclusion searches of structured and unstructured EMR data disease prediction ML


Onshore and Offshore Professional Coding Services