Cavo Analytics

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Cavo Analytics

Cavo Health products and services, powered by Precise Word Matching AI, automatically read medical records and deliver Diagnostic Coding Truth for a variety of purposes. This process turns the unstructured data text data in medical records into structured ICD codes and other structured clinical data.

Once this job is done, that’s where Cavo Analytics steps into the picture. The Cavo Analytics team makes sure that the structured data goes where it needs to go to be useful to Cavo Health customers. Cavo Analytics build standard reports for Cavo products, custom extracts that feed into customers’ data systems, and customer reports for customers’ specialized purposes. Cavo Analytics also develops algorithms for disease prediction, which achieve remarkable results. And the team makes sure the right data needed in EMR portals arrives on time.

In short, the Cavo Analytics team is the guarantee that the data generated by Cavo Health products is reported according to spec and sent where it needs to go.

From Note to Most Accurate CPTs in Minutes

Cavo’s Platform


Faster, More Accurate Coding with Precise Word Matching AI and Full Workflow Customization


Direct Access to EMRs for Faster, Less Costly Chart Retrieval and Data Extraction, Prospective Programs and Workflow Automation


Standard and custom reports and automated extracts, inclusion and exclusion searches of structured and unstructured EMR data disease prediction ML


Onshore and Offshore Professional Coding Services