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Cavo Access Platform

Comparing Cavo’s Access Platform to traditional chart retrieval services is like comparing today’s modern automobiles with the horse & buggy of yesteryear.

Cavo Access Platform’s technology connects right into the EHR systems that hold your charts. The Access Platform is smart enough to get you the complete charts you need for risk adjustment coding with no extra documents that you don’t need or want. And the Cavo Access Platform gets you the complete charts fast, within days, not weeks or months after you’ve ask for them.

But that’s not all. Like the high-tech automobile versus a horse and buggy, the Cavo Access Platform gives you many more benefits versus traditional methods. For example, the cost of retrieving charts is much lower. Additionally, the charts can be automatically processed by Cavo Coder’s Precise Word Matching AI. They will be ready to start a First Pass review with over 96% of the HCCs highlighted within hours after retrieval.

And this is just the beginning of Cavo Access Platform’s many automations. For instance, you can run the Cavo Prospective Programs with end-to-end automation using the Cavo Access Platform. You can use the Cavo Missed Code Monitor to find the codes with evidence but incomplete documentation. Or use the Cavo Suspecter Tool to find the codes that are implied by the documentation. Or use Cavo Dropped Codes’ solution to look back historically and find the coding errors made in the past. You can even use Cavo Predictor to find your members who likely have undiagnosed HCCs and need to see a provider right away for treatment.

Or use all four products in the Cavo Prospective Program and maximize the accuracy of your risk adjustment coding efforts. What’s more, you can enhance each of the Cavo Prospective Program products with additional clinical data pulled from EHRs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Of course, you might be thinking about all the provider coordination challenges of such a robust Prospective Program. The Cavo Access Platform can help here, too. With the permission of the provider organizations that own the EHRs with your charts, Cavo Access Platform can automatically notify physicians with documentation training, alerts of possible member HCCs, and even schedule appointments for your members to see physicians.

Yes, the future is finally here. But only if you are using the Cavo Access Platform to automate your risk adjustment coding efforts end to end.

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